“I believe green sprouts is a program that helps our children’s brains to grow emotionally and socially”  — Mona French, Howard County.

“During this holy month of Ramadan, as we offer our zakat seeking the pleasure of Allah, please remember to invest through ILIA in the leadership development of our children. planting a new tree, or helping a Senior remain independent at home. MCC Senior Program is working collaboratively with ILIA on some of these projects. Our community support will enable it’s leadership training program to continue empowering both older, and younger members of our community.” — Mona Negm, Montgomery County.

“Green Sprouts is more than just a vegetable garden, or future teen transition housing. It is a new start for young people, who are doubting their abilities, it is a route to the pleasure of their Lord, out of dependence and limitation. I encourage everyone to give a shout and reach out” — Ayman Nassar, Howard County.

“Green sprouts isn’t just your everyday garden. It provides a sanctuary for thriving members in the area, giving them the chance to connect to the Muslim community. It’s fruits are the leadership skills the it instills into the youth of the DMV area, Muslim and non-Muslims alike.  — Noor Nahavandi, Virginia 


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