ILIA Partners with Hollywood Farmers Market on Community Grant

Alhamedellah ILIA has been named as a partner in a grant to provide educational services to the College Park community through its Green Sprouts leadership development platform. The project is a collaborative effort between community members in College Park, Green Sprouts and the Hollywood Farmers Market. This will be a great source of affordable farm fresh healthy organic food for the residents in the College Park area. Green Spouts will be providing inshaa Allah the Gardening Instruction and Workshops for children ages 5-11.

ILIA’s Green Sprouts, a non-denominational leadership development platform serving youth and adults will provide short hands-on educational sessions on the value of green and caring for the earth. Green sprouts students (ages 14-16) will be offering children hands-on activities related to growing vegetables and plants to children ages 5-11. Green Sprouts will also provide educational pamphlets on the relevance of caring for the earth and its role in building strong citizenship. These two components of the Farmer’s Market will be offered every other week during the six month period.