Community Picnic – Sunday May 12, 2013

Green Sprouts is holding its first neighborhood outreach and community engagement event. There will be dawa tables, neighborhood discussions, teen talks, parenting topics, picnic and activities from planting seeds to playing ball.

Salam i m from the State of Maryland in America, about to fill u in on all the new hysteria,

were having a good time, with the grace of God I hope I can Finnish this ryme ,

cuz the info i’m getting its brand new, we came just to invite you,

we wanted to get you to join our barbeque

the food is good and its all free, if you don’t believe me just come by and see,

all were trying to do is build a better community, I hope to see you and your family there,

And if you can try and bring a chair.

$1 donation per person is appreciated to launch our community garden


Time: 3pm
Date: May 12, 2013
Location: 4017 Chatham Rd, Gwyn Oak, MD 21207


Join us and lets brainstorm and discuss several hot topics of interest to the neighborhood
– Baltimore city school closings
– Drug issues
– Raising teens
– Family bonds
– Children services


  • Who: All ages 5-70.
  • What: Free Picnic, Outreach (dawa) tables, children planting activities, story reading, book sales, teen activities, adult workshops, neighborhood and community discussions.
  • When: Sunday May 12th, 2012 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • Why: Build communities and share the message, learn to care for the earth, build the future
  • How: Bring a chair or blanket, hot dogs and refreshments will be available
  • RSVP: It’s Free but required –

Guest Speakers

  • Mahmoud Abdelhady – Working together as a Neighborhood
  • Sulaiman Omar – The Teen Years
  • Talaat Shehata – Vegetable Gardening

Pictures from the event