Green Sprouts Officially Launched, Ramadan 23rd, 1433

Alhamedellah with the grace of our Lord, ILIA has reached a new milestone with the kick-off of the Green Sprouts initiative. Green Sprouts was the vision of a group of ILIA volunteers back in late 2009, at the time called, the Baltimore Leadership Research Center (BLRC).

The dream was to provide a place to develop leadership skills serving the Baltimore metro area. Shortly thereafter a group of adult and youth volunteers started searching for property in the city. The group came across a number of properties that fit the needs of the initiative. All short-listed properties were sold to other parties before ILIA could make an offer. As the years passed our volunteers continued to search and look around, until Allah (swt) sent us the gift of the current location of Green Sprouts.

Green Sprouts comprises of three phases. Phase 1 of the initiative is a green vegetable and flower garden. Phase 2 is a transition housing project for displaced teens. Phase 3 is a full fledged Leadership Resource Center.

Watch the video below to learn more about phase 1 of Green Sprouts.

Green Sprouts Phase 1 Launch

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